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HEN YOU ARE at the Present Moments. You are in Peace with everything....
You are one with everything, you are everything.
No boundary, no differences between you and the non-you.
No extremes !.
It is the Middle Way

OU DE NOT have to eat. You do not have to be hungry:

Just walking around when you are happy to walking around.
listen to music when you are open to music.
Takethe shower when you want to take a shower.
It is the Middle Way.

HERE IS NO BAD, no good. No nice, no not-nice. No small, no great. No clean, no dirty. ......
No boundary, no extreme.
No rejecting anything, no chasing after anything.
Just feel it. Listen to your body, listen to your breaths.
Be in peace with yourself, with everything.
It is the Middle Way.

ET GO EVERY constraint.
Relaxing everywhere, every moment, 24 hour a day...
Even when you are sitting, walking, sleeping, eating, drinking, talking...
Let everything be the way it is !.

It is the Middle Way.

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